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Our report tells you the real sales, profit and much more of your
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How it works
  1. Login to
  2. Enter and select the name of the Company / LLP
  3. Confirm
  4. Proceed to checkout
  5. We prepare the report and email it to you alongwith the source document link
    (click here for sample report)
What is Employer Detail (ED)?
Employer detail (ED) is a report generating platform with the aim of enabling job seekers to make informed decisions.For this we are obtaining business information from government records and providing it to you in a format that is understandable and saves your time. We want to enable any one to understand his Prospective Employers better.
Can I find any business in India on ED Platform?
No. All companies / LLPs registered in India, are listed on ED platform. Our predictive search engine helps you search the company / LLP of your choice, with ease.
The information of proprietorship's or partnership's concern will not be available at ED.
What do I do if I can't find the company / LLP I'm looking for?
Simply contact us at One of our customer service representatives will do a search on your behalf. If the company is not in our database, we will update the database and inform you. After that you can initiate the order.
What all is covered in the Report?
Based on the data point for the specific company / LLP, the report may contain the data related to Sales, Export Sales, Loans, Capital, Profit etc. (please click here for the sample report)
How many years data is covered in the Report?
The Report will cover the data for maximum 5 years.
How does ED get its Data?
We obtain our information from government sources - mainly from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).
Is the information mentioned in the Report correct and reliable?
Data provided in the Report is pulled directly from website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), India. Hence the information provided by ED is from authenticate and reliable sources.
Is the report prepared from the latest available Data?
Every time you place the order, we will conduct the document inspection at Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for the specific order. The report is prepared based on the latest documents submitted to the MCA by the respective company or LLP.
However, if there is no data available at MCA or the data available at MCA is older than for FY 2015-16, we will send the mail update to you and refund 50% of the amount paid by you.
How much time should I expect when I buy Report?
You should expect email with report under 100 minutes after you buy the Report. However, It depends on the response time of the MCA server. There are cases when certain required services at MCA is down for maintenance. In such cases, we will do our best to download the documents and share the Report with you at the earliest.
How will I come to know when my order is ready? How will it be delivered to me?
When you buy the Report, the system will start the work of downloading of MCA documents and generating easy-to-understand report. Once the report is ready, it will be delivered to your inbox.
Which software do I need to open and view the documents of companies provide by ED?
You would need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and view the Report.
Would a company/LLP know if I have ordered its report?
No. This information is not shared with anyone and is completely confidential. The company/LLP would never know that a user is looking at its Reports.
My company and director details are appearing on ED's website. How can ED publish it without my permission?
The data is a matter of public record as per the statutory provisions. The registrar of companies also publishes this data in the public domain at its website. The reason this information about companies is published by governments is that the free flow of information about companies is essential for both a fair society and a fair market.
I want to know more about the business than what is stated in the Report?
Simply contact ED at One of our customer service representatives will connect you to a professional who will be able to share the required details and will be able to reply to your questions (if any)
However, such services are provided outside our platform and will be charged extra. We will make sure that the quality of service is maintained.
The data in the Report seems to be incorrect?
There are chances that for the sake of simplicity the terms used in the Report may not match with that in the Balance Sheet. However, the meaning in substance would not change. If you still have concerns, please contact us at with the source of the information.
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